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Please > Register, Educate/Learn and Vote by mail (P.A.V.)! If you can't vote, then still get involved to protect your interest! In California you can register to vote at 17 years of age, former convicted felons can vote, people in jail can vote, people far away from home can vote; so, unless in case of death or certified mental illness why would you fail to vote? Please visit and the California Secretary of State (S.O.S.).

Should you have a reason to communicate with me, please keep reading to locate my direct contact information on this page, Thank you!

My Current Registered Community Involvement

Member of the County of Los Angeles Commission on Human Relations & Member of the West Covina Redevelopment Dissolution Oversight Board/Commission

Former West Covina Mayor/City Councilmember, Honorably Retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff (33 Years Served), Community Service Officer for the City of Compton (two years served) and I have been a public servant all of my adult life.

Committed to serving our community with integrity and reverence for the concerns of all the stakeholders. 


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Please visit and support our local sources for News and Information:

Below See the Charter TV Interview(s) “Apathy is very costly” and SCO Audit! &

See Below > How to Download the City of West Covina App       

When you believe in something and work tirelessly for what you believe then what was once thought to be the impossible can happen! FS

Collective Voting is democracy (freedom and power)!

All politics is local and when at least two people are involved in a matter politics is generally a component and or litigation. FS 

               See something, say something!

When you see a crime call WCPD or local Law Enforcement!  Graffiti, slip, trip and fall sidewalk and street situations or anything that our City should repair or should be doing please say something via the City of West Covina application (App) or other forms of communication. Thank you. FS

Of the People, By the People & For the People!

The better way to fight fake news, "Conflict-of-Interest" and corruption is to increase our education on how things work at City Hall (and at other Boards of Government)! When we, the not involved majority of the people (Tax Payers), are not voting, not watching and not communicating with our representatives then our government gets absconded. A government of the people, by the people and for the people cannot exist when too many people are not active participants (vigorously in the mix)! FS

City of West Covina City Council:

The West Covina City Council will not represent the best interest for the majority until the apathy of the majority is greatly diminished and our knowledge is increased about who is doing what for us and against us!

While the majority of the stakeholders were not paying attention:

The Drug addict Michael (Mike) Herman Spence was the Mayor of West Covina

 and he is still on the City Council, what and why?

This Drug Addict does not represent the majority of our City!

Most residents in West Covina are hardworking, law abiding people, are consistently providing a good example for our children and are representing our community in the best manner! We are not drug addicts or people who irresponsibly endanger others and damage/destroy property; therefore, most of the 110,000 plus residents do not deserve to be represented by a Drug Addict and anti-immigrant City Councilmember(s)!

West Covina Councilman Spence should resign his office

From 2015 to 2018 when used in the context of the West Covina Municipal Elections and at City Council Meetings the term used, by Spence, "Sanctuary City" is a lie, fear, racist and hate speech for prejudging certain immigrants as being felonious criminals!

Then there is the dangerous to U.S. security, corrupt and money talks, $500,000 Federal EB-5 program that will fast track U.S. Immigration entry! 

I know that many of my neighbors are immigrants, not all immigrants are criminals and that most immigrants are valuable, contributing members of our community here in West Covina! FS  

The Amicus Brief asked for justice in immigration; therefore, I signed it (a letter to a court of appeal)! My objective is to protect and serve all my neighbors! Fair immigration laws is important for the well-being of the City of West Covina!

WAKE UP WEST COVINA! We have Councilmembers who lie, cheat, are not honorable! Mike Spence is a person with a moral problem and he is a drug addict and he is using our tax dollars to attack the majority of the residents in West Covina! 

The below unethical electioneering, independent expenditure, mailer was funded and orchestrated for and by the Republican base that is on the West Covina City Council and they do not represent the majority of the people living and working here; nevertheless , the problem is that the majority of the residents do not pay attention, are not involved with our City and do not vote!



The Police and Fire unions did not appreciate the fact that I did not want the Tax Payers to pay more than we could afford! With already more than 80% of the General Fund the West Covina Public Safety Unions are only concerned about their pay and benefits. Only a few if any of the sworn West Covina Police and Fire Officers live in the City of West Covina; therefore, with a major vested interest in another community the financial well-being, the quality of our City Services and the integrity of the City Council don't matter to them!

See the deceit and false statement campaign mailer by the WCPOA! Remember when we remain silent and or fail to vote on matters we give approval. Does the City of West Covina have Police and Fire Departments or do they have the City of West Covina? When we, the Tax Payers, are not involved there is no effective supervision, no accountability and it is easy to convince us to vote (if and when we vote) against our best interest!



Apathy is very costly and we cannot afford it. This is evidenced by the more than 25,000 residents in Shadow Oak/South San Jose Hills Community who pay taxes and get under served and underrepresented at our City Hall.

How is it that a Trash Company can own a City of more than 110,000 people without the permission of the majority of those who live there, when they (the residents) did not vote directly for their permanent indentured servitude?

How is it that the City of West Covina can be represented by a Mayor who is anti-immigrant in a minority majority City and he is a "DRUG ADDICT" who is currently on probation?

Why is it that our electives can continuously and admittedly fail to represent the best interest of the majority of their constituents locally to nationwide?

The answer is "APATHY"! The boss (the majority of the residents) is not watching, little to no oversight, no accountability and there is not much chance that they (Corrupt Elected Officials) will be fired (recalled). On the current West Covina City Council the majority of the Councilmembers got less than 3,000 votes in a City of more than 110,000 residents to get elected. In West Covina less than half the residents are registered to vote, approximately 48,000 of the registered voters failed to vote in the last West Covina Municipal Election and only a few residents attend and observe any of the City Council Meetings!

Our local Boards of Government manage the tax dollars that impact us where we sleep, our public and school safety, public education, the water we use, the value of our property and the quality of our lives. When the Tax Payers do not care to participate,verify and be watchful of whom is doing what with our dollars and public resources our best interest is disregarded and our public resources get converted to private gain/use! FS


The Next Regularly Scheduled West Covina City Council/Successor Agency/Housing Authority Meeting is on Tuesday, July 03, 2018  at 6 P.M. Closed to public and 7 P.M. open to the public. 

Location: WCCC Chamber

The L.A. County Commission on Human Relations (LCCHR) has a regular meeting every first Monday of each month. For more details please visit:  

The Oversight Board (O.B.) to the Successor Agency of the West Covina Community Redevelopment AgencyThe Regularly Scheduled O.B. Meeting is set for Thursday, June 21, 2018 at 4 PM and on Sunday, July 01, 2018 the RDA O/B(s) in L.A. County will be consolidated into five O/B(s) .

 For real time and recorded viewing of the City of West Covina Government Meetings please visit: and YouTube search: City of West Covina Live 


 "The Change We Need, A  Voice  We  Deserve" 

Our Campaign makes a difference because you (The Tax Payers) are the first item on our agenda.
In June 2006 our campaign started  working to positively change the direction of our governance!

Together we can make West Covina a City and a bedroom community that has a government that is community centric and business friendly.


I am a retired Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff and I became actively involved when I observed in 2006 that West Covina residents are continuously under represented at City Hall and that our local government was controlled by one part of our City, all five Councilmembers living where parks are never sold and the streets are always clean and well paved; to do nothing is to give approval!

West Covina is now a company town; read Athens Waste Contract and its numerous amendments now posted at!

Also review meeting at: Then on home page click What's New, then see Council commission and agendas, go to City Council meeting Tuesday, October 16, 2012, study Agenda item 9 and observe the recorded WCCC Meeting.

The Audit by the California State Controller's Office (SCO) published in July 2015 reveals why Fredrick Sykes was elected and answers many of the questions that we have asked since 2006. It, the audit, is a guide towards the changes that must be made and the best practices at the West Covina City Hall. 

We the people need to become actively involved, make intelligent use of our constitutional rights, strengthen our memory and our resolve to verify what our leaders advocate! Know that Taxes, Funds and Franchise Fees are synonymous dollars taken from residents; so, when someone told you in a fancy and also expensive campaign brochure "no new taxes" they lied to you!

We must “Vote”! Vote by mail; because, should you have an emergency on election day you will not vote! Prepare to vote today so that when election day arrives you will have already voted by mail or that you will not forget to cast your very important vote. Constituents, please change to a lifestyle of voting, verify issues, platforms (must read the fine print on circulars/mailers/flyers), the candidate's integrity and vote with high propensity!

Voting by mail allows you to vote from most anywhere, a cruise ship, jail, your sick bed and you start voting 30 days prior to the people who vote at the polls until 8PM at the closing of California election day voting.

Please, help me to help you (us, our community).

Create a compartment in your life for community and government; by means of that, you will improve our condition.

Obtain campaign resources.

First, I serve West Covina as a Community Activist, Appointed Commissioner, Former Elected West Covina City Councilman and Mayor. I also serve and work as a member of various Community Service Organizations for the betterment of the Community. I am not able to know your dreams for our City; therefore, I knock on your door, I ask for your informative communication, I contact many in public, I ask for involvement, participation and support.

My work is about our future, our quality of life and the direction of our City. At this time West Covina needs every resident working to solve our problems. The most important part of Democracy is you, "The People", showing up! See you all at the City Council Meetings! 

"Because I'm living here, I want to keep the city in the most favorable conditions for us."  Lucia Su of Monterey Park, CA 91754

The City of West Covina was incorporated in 1923 and it has well over 110,000 (per California State Controller's Office) residents that are living in an area of approximately 17 square miles; we have varying demographics and geographies, eight water districts and seven school districts plus the Los Angeles County Office of Education's International Polytechnic High School, with many diverse cultures and concerns.
Not voting and engaging your Local Government is to disregard and undermine your rights, your vested interest, the value of your property, your quality of life and the future of your City.

Let us look at what happens when residents fail to vote in the General Municipal Elections; the results are we get the government we deserve. The City of West Covina has a large silent majority that is not paying attention to their local Government (Tax Dollars). The cost is probably higher than most of us care to think. To see what we pay in salaries plus their benefits to our California Public Employees, Elected City Council (Community Development Board Members/ Successor Agency) and City Staff/ Personnel please visit:

Our budget deficit is an ever-growing force of destruction to our City! When you fail to budget you are not able to govern. Presently West Covina City Services are funded by attrition. Most of our problems are connected to decisions by former Super Majority of Four City Council, voter apathy and our City has lost a great deal of tax dollars due to the economic downturn of 2008! So please whenever possible, shop, recreate, eat, work, conduct and create your business in West Covina and pay attention to your City Hall.

Please remember to encourage everyone to frequent our City because every penny of revenue is needed. When you spend your money in West Covina the attached taxes helps to pay for City Services, staff salaries and benefits! At this time the City of West Covina budget deficit is somewhere approximately $9 Million. Our most important City Departments (Police, Fire, Code Enforcement and Public Works) are under staffed and insufficiently funded; therefore, West Covina is no longer a full service City!

Neils Bohr (Physicist) > "The best weapons of dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a democracy should be the weapons of openness".

The residents of the City are appointed by the City Council to the present list of Citizens' Commissions - Community and Senior Services Commission, Human Resources Commission and Planning Commission. The City Council is the Successor Agency to the Former West Covina Redevelopment Commission.  

Apathy and Campaign Money will allow a few to control our Boards of Government and for our local, County, State and Federal Governments to take your tax dollars and disregard the majority (of the people). 

Apathy is very costly!
Idiocracy combined with a gross lack of community engagement/involvement has allowed our local government to become very weak in its ability to serve the residents and all the stakeholders in the City of West Covina!

A West Covina Government of the people, for the people and by the people also means a Government that is reflective of its constituents.
  While the majority was sleeping (not paying attention) the City of West Covina has now become West (Athens) Covina, also the 2013 and 2015 elections have presented a WCCC that is without Hispanics and females.

"Any friend who cool with being cool with the enemy ain't realy your dawg".  Quincy Miller (an American Professional Basketball Player) 

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics, is that you end up being governed by your inferiors."    ∼ Plato       

Many of us have come to these United States of America from abroad 
seeking a greater freedom of choice about how we live. Now that we are here we all must understand that the Freedom we enjoy is not free. The strength of the United States of America is fortified by our ability to vote. America is a Republic! A group of indivisible states in which the supreme power rests in the group
of engaged and involved citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by representatives chosen directly or indirectly by them. Active non-constituents can also make West Covina better! Know that i
t (Freedom) was made possible by hard work and sacrifice and that our freedom will be lost if we fail to protect it with that same type of dedication, hard work and sacrifice!

Fredrick Sykes

Fredrick Sykes


Fred has spent his entire adult life working for the public:

Ø  Compton P.D. Community Service Officer (1971 - 1973)

Ø   L.A. Co. Deputy Sheriff (Retired) 33 years (1973 - 2006)

Ø  City of West Covina Planning Commissioner (2009-2010)

Ø  City of West Covina Human Resources Commissioner (2008-2009)

Ø  Vigorous advocate for the residents (2006 to Present)

Ø  Member of the West Covina City Council (2011 – 2015)

Ø  Mayor Pro Tem (2014)

Ø  Mayor, City of West Covina (2015)

Ø  Currently: Member of the L.A. County Human Relations Commission


Please join us in saying it is time for our Councilmembers to fight for the interests of the people they are elected to represent! Our City Council should serve and ensure fair and equal governance for every region and every person in the City of West Covina.

Fred is married with a son who is a Deputy Sheriff and a daughter who is attending College, Fred knows the importance of family, governing around the needs of the Community and the expressed will of the residents.  

Every part of our City must be ennobled so that our entire City can become stronger and more dynamic! Our streets and parks must be maintained and well kept for our enjoyment, for the stabilization of
property values, retention of our community standards and as a positive legacy for the future!

Always working to:

Ø Improve Live City Council Meeting Broadcasts and Internet Access to promote public communication, education and transparency.

Ø  Use equitable, comprehensive governance and serve with honor, accountability and integrity.

Ø  Fair and equal representation Citywide.

Ø  Prioritize Public and School Safety! Provide a safe community, with clean and safe streets to and from school and safe campuses for our future leaders! We must have well equipped public parks, libraries and all the places where our children frequent to build strong minds, bodies and where everyone wants to play, recreate, exercise and hold community meetings.

Ø Reduce crime, including Conflict-of-Interest, Profiteering and White Collar/non-violent taking money from public resources via deception by anyone elected or appointed, campaign kickback/donations and false information/negative campaigns via independent expenditure funds!

Ø Partner with School Officials and Businesses to ensure the highest quality of education and internships in our City and all our connected Colleges.

Ø  Vote to contract City Services with the best bid for the residents by eliminating inordinately extensive years/terms "Contract Traps" (i.e. "Evergreen/Rolling Clauses" and a $300,000 Utility (Stealth/hidden Tax) and other hidden taxes/fees on the Tax Payers passed through utility bills to the City Budget!

Ø  Focus on business retention, assistance, expansion and recruiting new businesses and services into our City.

Ø  With fairness protect all the stakeholders; including homeowners, renters, youth, seniors and non-constituents who positively contribute to our community.

Fredrick Sykes

West Covina City Council term of office is for four years. The offices of Mayor and Mayor Pro Tempore are ceremonial with a one-year term and shall be filled in accordance with a rotation procedure.


Before the municipal election of Tuesday, November 03, 2015 


After the municipal election for Tuesday, November 03, 2015


                                  "West Covina"
What will our City look like if we fail to maintain high standards in the maintenance of our City, our Municipal Code Laws and the planning of what we want our City to be in the future? For the many residents who have said to me that they do not pay attention to local elections I say that, "the people who are elected to the City Council have the sphere of control that affects your pocket book, your tax dollars, the safety of where you live, the value of your property, the quality of your lives, the allocation of city resources, the future for you, your children and our City!

The 2018 West Covina Voting District Map is gerrymandered and not community based! Vote for people who want fair and equal representation citywide and only then, in 2020 the voting districts can be established so that every part of our City is better represented at City Hall! 




The technical process requires the formation of nearly equal districts based on population (ideally within 5 percent from smallest to largest). However, other factors also play a major role including: topography, geography, cohesiveness, contiguity, compactness, integrity of territory, communities of interest and significant and sensitive land uses.

The below map should be our 2020 objective because it has compactness, cohesiveness, the integrity of territory, communities of interest, significant and sensitive land uses (such as the toxic dump, hills and major streets and the freeway) that was all ignored by the City Council in 2018!  More information is at 



Thanking you in advance for your support!

Fredrick Sykes: For the People!

Join Us:

Please, help me to help you.

Obtain campaign resources.

When we ran for the West Covina City Council in 2015 to place your name and campaign statement on the ballot in English only the cost was $1,100.00; for your name and campaign statement to appear on the ballot in both English and Spanish the cost was $2,200.00. The Lawn Signs can cost $5.00 ea. (5x1400) and political mailers, door hangers and flyers will cost many thousands of dollars. Most people have no idea of the enviromental and financial impact from our methods of political campaigning because money trumps and apathy is in vogue. Increased citizen involvement equals decreased cost and entrenches the Democratic Process!

Contributions to West Covina City Council Candidates and Officeholders are not tax deductible and they are limited to $500 from individuals, Political Action Committees,  and Businesses in any given calendar year.

Full disclosure of any campaign donation in the amount of $100 or more is required. For more details please see West Covina Municipal Codes at:  

Every successful campaign by the average resident in the City of West Covina needs the lauded vote, the financial assistance and volunteer support of the people!
Every amount is appreciated and brings us closer to our objectives; fair and equal governance Citywide.

To volunteer, have any questions or comments; please do not hesitate to contact me. 

(626) 806-4272

(626) 581-2107

E-mail: or

Follow me on Facebook and Twitter

Every resident can be a nexus for positive change! Engage your local government! We have a City of West Covina App, you can protest, petition,  recall, request verbally, demand in writing and communicate with our City Council at the ballot box (vote). 

Voting is democracy, it helps you protect and assert your interest!

All politics is Local!

The Oligarchs, Oligopolies, Plutocrats and Kleptocrats are attacking:


See how money corrupts our officials and quashes our interest!

Our Democracy is becoming more corporate oriented and less "We the People" oriented; we, the people, the not involved majority is the problem! Corporations are not people. Corporations are instruments and tools created and used by people!


The muscle of democracy is our ability to vote! Democracy is not perfect; however, increased participation has a history of making it better! Please obtain and become familiar with the FPPC 460 and 700 political forms (see City Clerk) they will help you understand recusal(disqualification), Influence Peddling, wrong doing, conflict-of-interest activity, Forms of Political Corruption, criminal conduct, sycophants, traitors, political pawns, puppets, malfeasance and missappropriation of Public Money/Tax Funds. You will learn who is buying the loyalty of your elected Officials and just who is really in control of your government! Please learn to Vote for and support someone only after you have independently vetted and assayed all the Candidates. We are not forced to vote for anyone; therefore, only vote for the person(s) you trust to protect and assert your interest; ignore all others. 

To reverse our loss of transparency, our lack of diversity and diminished democracy just remember the eligible public:

Must vote and everyone who is available should attend the City
Council Meetings every first Tuesday and every 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7PM.

The Planning Commission meets every second Tuesday and every fourth Tuesday of each month at the same time and place as the City Council and that is in the City of West Covina Council Chamber.

The volume, the speed and the power of the message "We are Watching" is predicated on how many residents get engaged and show a presence at City Hall. Should we fail to participate in the governmental process we will lose our rights, diminish our ability to control our government and become more like the Cities of Bell, California 90201 and Vallejo, California 94590.
Source: Fredrick Sykes

For an application and information on the City of West Covina Commissions  such as the Community Services/Senior Citizens, H.R., Planning and or to Check City Activities/Notices please visit the Official City of West Covina Website at

Need more information see page 5 of this website and or contact City officials >               
E-mail: and I introduced the West Covina App

Go to the West Covina City Hall !
1444 West Garvey Avenue South
City Council Chamber - Level One
West Covina, CA 91790

Write-City Hall
Mailing Address:
City of West Covina 
P.O. Box 1440
West Covina, CA. 91793


The Proliferation of Telecommunication Towers Continues: 

The power of the Telecommunication Companies and other Special Interest Group's money is able to have our Representatives, from Congress down to our local governments, ignore reality.

The residents have a decline in democracy when these towers are installed without their expressed consent. The precarious economics in America, domestic and foreign terrorist, uncertain fuel cost , the decline of aesthetics of the City, a loss in the quality of life, the decrease in the value of our property, slope failure, earthquakes, storms, other powerful natural and human made disasters. Now we have the added concern with the Telecom Towers being placed closer to our homes when there is no need for increased  service in this area of West Covina. With the increase in proximity comes the perception, anxiety and ruminating the history of radiation. The fear about the negative effects of radiation can create stress, a powerful physical and health risk in and of itself.

Communications and certain Special Interest Groups have better representation at City Hall than the residents and the Stakeholders, just follow the money. You would think there is a law against this type of variance and governance. The Telecom Towers should be installed by need and not by greed.
Only through citizen participation can your government build a better City and combat corruption.

The residents are already indebted to 67 Million for six baseball fields; wake up West Covina! 

Residents need to be watching City Hall because presently we are having difficulty paying our employees and bills!

What are the West Covina residents getting in return for paying $67 Million ($57M for Morgage Debt and $10M for L.A. Co. Deferred Tax Agreement) for a baseball theme park (six baseball fields - Big League Dreams) without any profits or return until 2011?  This was done when we have a Police Station and five Fire Stations that have aged and most are dilapidated, pluse every City Department is understaffed and the un-funded California Public Employee's Retirement System (CalPERS) debt for the WC Tax Payers has grown past $30 Million!

City Hall is now closed on Fridays and every department is so understaffed that at this time we do not have a full service City and all of the Officials who failed to balance the budget are no longer City Councilmembers; however, no one has been held accountable for the harm and the conversion (theft) of public resources to private and or their personal gain!

My goal is to bring the City back to serving the public five days a week plus half day on Saturdays.

I Repeat, Get Involved! Stop any and all powerful political apparatuses from controlling your local government! The Taxpayers should be in control!

Apathy is very costly!

Apathy is very costly and we cannot afford it. This is evidenced by the more than 15,000 residents in Shadow Oak/South San Jose Hills Community who pay taxes and get under served by our City.

I need your support, communication and involvement to be more effective!

To improve West Covina public safety and quality of life citywide please form a Neighborhood Watch in your area and consider using the Nextdoor and City of West Covina apps.

The Next Regular City Council Meeting is Scheduled for
Tuesday, July 03, 2018 at 7 P.M.
Location: West Covina City Hall Council Chambers.  

Planning Commission Meeting:
The next Regularly Scheduled Planning Commission Meeting:

Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 7 PM  at W.C. City Hall

 West Covina Youth Soccer

Visit > 

West Covina Youth Soccer has been active in West Covina since 1969 and there are now approximately 1,000 children that participate in this co-ed program.

For more than 43 years the children have been athletically active on the fields in the area of Merced and Orange without even a permanent bathroom(s). It is time for the entire City to wholeheartedly support this program.

Please contact the West Covina City Council, our California State and Federal Electives. 
Advise them that you support this program and that as your representative you want them to lobby for grants and you want them to advise the community about other ways that we might be able to make this a successful community activity. It will not hurt to think creative!

A different “T – Party”! Google: "National Tequila Party".


West Covina Lions Club

Support the West Covina Lions; We Serve”.

The Lions help the community, from the vision exam programs for our children to the meals on wheels for our senior citizens.

On Wednesday, May 23, 2018, at 6 P.M. was a great night at the Lakes Business Area of West Covina. The Night On The Town (NOTT)! Everyone please come back with your family and all your friends for The West Covina Lions 49th Annual “Night On The Town” we hope to see you all in 2019 at the Regal/Edwards Cinemas, 1200 Lakes Dr, West Covina,Ca 91790.

v     All you can eat from various local Restaurants.

v     Silent auction for vacations, event(s) tickets, merchandise and all sorts of wonderful items and 

v     Your choice of any movie that night or any time at your convenience to visit
     Regal/Edwards Cinemas.
Tickets are $25.00 ($16.50 is Tax Deductible), live 
     entertainment and beverages included for information please visit: 

When our elected officials focus on gathering resources for re-election and fail to budget; the same episode is happening in the City of West Covina as in Vallejo, Stocton, San Bernardino, California and Detroit, Michigan.

Vallejo, Calif. , Goes Bankrupt

Public Safety/Jobs and Senior Services are cut to the barest minimums!

by: Michael Zielenziger | from: AARP | April 30, 2011                                
What happens at City Hall is important to the entire City!

Every Vote Counts! See results of November 5, 2013 election


In the 2013 WC City election the third City Council seat went to the drug addict Mike Spence where Loyd Johnson lost by 6 votes!

Visit: Look at the registration numbers and they indicate the apathy and a lack

of voter due diligence. With over 110,000 residents only 53,000 bothered to register to vote and then 

40,000 registered West Covina residents failed to vote! 

Registration by Political Subdivision by County - See L. A. County>

As of Monday, May 21, 2018:

Registered Total - 52,569 

Democratic -24,767

Republican -11,301  

American Independent - 1,141

Green - 173

Libertarian - 242

Peace and Freedom - 424

Unknown - 151

Other - 383

No Party Preference - 13,987

See the West Covina City Clerk:

Request FPPC 460 and 700 Forms (Sources for Campaign funds and Income)! 

See L.A. County Register-Recorder/County Clerk at

Steve Herfert (total votes 3609): Campaign and Electioneering Funds = $2 Million Dollars Plus!

Fredrick Sykes (total votes 3282): Campaign Funds = $13,000 plus a walk Citywide.  

 Please See: The L.A. County Cities

Almanac 2011 Edition by Los Angeles


The City of West Covina Ethnic Breakdown

African-American            4%
American Indian &
Alaskan Native             0.2%
Asian                              26%
Hispanic                         56%
Multi-Racial                  1.7%
Native Hawaiian &
Other Pacific Islander   0.1%
Caucasian                       15%
Other                              0.2%



Los Angeles County Sheriff's Academy Class #162 November 1973

The U.S. Census Bureau map:  

1)       Dark Green is where most people live (high density); due to Small Single Family                       Homes  that are Four (4) houses per One (1) acre of land, Zero Side Yard Homes,                       Patio Homes and Muliti-Family Housing Products (Duplex, Triplex, Quadruplex,                     Townhomes,  Condominiums, High Density Apartment Complexes and a large Mobile             Home Park)      

2)      Light colors indicate large lots, homes, former City dump and business district areas 
      where few people reside.


               Fredrick Sykes